A Woman from Florida whose finger slipped while scrolling through her ex-boyfriend’s Instagram has announced she is taking a sabbatical from social media until 2044.

Karen Jones had been aggressively researching her former partner’s Instagram posts and was reviewing his activities in No N*t November 2017 when she accidentally pressed the like button on a photo of him enjoying an ice-cream.

She said: “When I saw the little heart come up I knew I was f*cked.”

Karen says, If it had been a recent photo no problem, I could’ve used the whole ‘it just appeared in my feed’ thing, but a post almost two years ago, no way. He knows full well that I was taking a deep dive into his activities.

I can’t even pretend I was liking it as a friend because he is already aware of my stalking abilities but this time I messed up.

“So I’ve announced on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that I’m taking a break from social media for my mental health and also because it’s boring and I’m over it.”

Twenty-five years should be long enough for everyone to forget what I did. Perhaps there won’t even be social media, or phones, or electricity or human life by then.

Latest Update: Karen is expected to return to social media by 6.09 PM tomorrow.

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