Everybody wants to be rich and famous quickly. Some people just want to experience a lavish lifestyle and they will cross any boundaries to achieve that.

This incident happened in Germany where a 20 year old woman (who shall remain nameless) made an attempt to fulfill her desire of buying an Audi.

She minted fake cash at her residence to buy an Audi.

This is not the recommended way to buy such a luxury car cause there is a high possibility that you will get arrested later for counterfeiting which is only fair.

By using Inkjet printer she printed fake cash worth 15,000 euros at home. She printed denominations of 50 and 100 euros on a plain white paper. How smart is that? Not quite.

She took the money and went to the Kaiserslautern car dealership showroom. When she handed the fake cash to the employee they weren’t fooled for a second and immediately spotted that the money she is offering is not real.

The employee who was dealing with the woman said that, “We have experienced plenty of scam attempts before, but so far no one has been this brash. I just asked her incredulously if she wanted to play Monopoly.”

Following the incident, the woman was arrested for counterfeiting. After searching her home that is in Pirmasens, the Police found the printer and another pile of fake cash worth 13,000 euros.

People might find this hilarious but honestly, it was just a silly act. The art of conning has never benefited anyone because one can’t run from Karma.

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