As per the researchers, a child’s academic success is significantly impacted by the quality of books he read during early stages. They say when you read a book, you open a mind. Reading a book helps you widen your perspective as you’re ultimately reading author’s perception.

But after you are done with this article, you’ll be sure that not all books are helpful. We found out some of the books that parents should read alone before reading it out to the kids. Who is the genius who actually thought of putting these picture in a children’s book? I don’t know but we’re sure this collection will amaze you!

1. I would prefer a night of loneliness then.

2. Are there no toys in this household?

3. Is this about a morning of being hungover?

4. This is one superpower no one wants around.

5. But he seems so cute and funny…

6. It’s nice to meet you too!

7. Is this an order? What will happen if I don’t?

8. Even the apple? I’m not ready for this book.

9. I know that feeling, bro.

10. I wish I had read this when I was a child.

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