Everybody is making plans for New Years’ Eve and we’re all ready to welcome 2019. Billions of people will be sending new year wishes to each other. We can agree that among all messengers, WhatsApp will be the most widely used for exchange of messages but there is some bad news for some users.

The most popular communication tool of digital age is going to stop its functions on a few smartphones and if you are using any of them, you are going to feel hurt.

Which smartphones won’t be compatible for WhatsApp?

Nokia S40 series users hold your heart because WhatsApp won’t be running on your phone anymore after 31st Dec. Yes, a series by Nokia which was one of the most sold series in India will no more be able to run WhatsApp.
Apart from that, Android phones which use Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread or older and iOS 7 phones will also stop supporting WhatsApp from Feb 2020 onwards

Why WhatsApp won’t run on these smartphones anymore?

“The decision was taken because we will no longer be actively developing for these platforms and some features might stop functioning at any time. When we look ahead to our next seven years, we are looking to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms that a vast majority of people use. These platforms/phones don’t offer the kind of capabilities WhatsApp needs to expand its features in the future,” WhatsApp said.

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