Many of us want to be a diamond, but only a few of us wants to get cut. You may have come across many people who are just not willing to take risks. They are afraid to do something different and extraordinary even if they do possess skills, knowledge and hell lot of experience.

All of your colleagues and batch mates might share the same goal – “To get a 9-5 job in any good company where they can get a big salary with flexible hours and live the rest of their life comfortably”. But hey, here’s the fact: “No one ever got rich from a 9-5 job!”. It’s not wrong to do a job, but if you don’t work hard on achieving your own dreams, someone else will definitely hire you to achieve theirs.


You’ll soon be in a place when you’ll have to make a decision whether you want to go for a good company, which you can get easily by clearing some tests or to take the damn risk and build your own empire! If you go out there and look out for success stories of successful people, bet you won’t find a single person who didn’t take the risk to make it happen.

One of the most famous examples is Bill Gates. He dropped out the college after two years of Harvard. It would have ruined his whole career. But he believed in himself, he knew that his idea has got the potential. He took the chances and found the Microsoft. And where is he today? The richest person in the world. If he can do it, then you can too! All you need is a burning desire and abilities to implement it. And even if you failed once or twice, Never ever give up!

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In 1832, Abraham Lincoln lost his job. In 1833, he failed in business. In 1838, he was defeated for the speaker. In 1854, defeated for US Senate. Defeated for the nomination for Vice President. Rejected for the land officer and faced a lot of failures and setback in his life. But did he gave up? Hell Nope. In 1860, He was elected as the 16th president of United States of America.

The spirit of an Entrepreneur defines his run and all of the good ones share the following common qualities despite the differences in their vision.

1. Passion

Do it with the passion and zeal, or don’t do it at all. Passion is what fuels the engine. With passion, you boost up your excitement level and work with complete enthusiasm. If you are not passionate enough, you are never going to make it. Do what you love and love what you do.

2. Patience

Patience is the key thing you can develop. It will not only help you in business but also in your daily life. The sweetest fruit is grown on those trees which grow slow. Always remember: If you are working more than one should, right pieces will fall into the right places at the right time. So keep calm and keep grinding!

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3. Extraordinary Communication skills

When you communicate with people, you get an opportunity to create your impression on their mind. And by using correct words in a correct way you can. Having apt communication skills is not what everyone has. Some have this skill inborn and some have to work on it. When you are communicating with someone you should clear all the barriers, vibes with them and make sure they had a great time talking with you.

4. Vision

It is good to have a vision. Acting without vision is just a waste of time and visualizing without action is just a dream but acting with a vision will take you where no man has ever been before. Be the man with the masterplan. Having a vision clearly states that you have sorted out everything, you know what you are going to do, aware of what’s coming next and how are you going to deal with those consequences.

5. Decision Making

Many times you will come at the point in your life where you have to take critical decisions and sometimes it has to be quick. Taking quick and right decisions indicates that you have a really good thought process. There are no regrets in life, there are only bad decisions. One wrong decision can mess up the whole thing but on the other hand, one right decision can also change your life. Take the decisions and make them right!

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This is what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. Now it’s up to you, you know what to do.