What is that one TV show that comes to your mind when you hear the word “nerds”? If you’re catching my drift right then yeah undoubtedly it is ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The entire show’s been written so well and in a manner that arouses feelings for Physics even to the ones who don’t like Science in their plate. To sum it up, the show is all about two awkward geeks and the toll they take on when a hot woman moves into an apartment across their door.

The Big Bang Theory

With legend Sheldon Cooper’s acting and dialogue delivery, this series became an instant hit and reached new heights after it first aired in 2006. The fans of Dr. Cooper can’t get enough of his stupendous acts and how little he know about the world outside of the laboratory. All Thanks to Jim Parsons! While some say they watched it because of character Penny. It’s not important however what matters here is how well you watched it and how much research you did on the show.

Take a look at these facts!

1. Although it was Howard who started flirting with Penny, amongst the cast of every main male members, he has never seen Penny naked in person.

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2. Stuart Bloom who is shown as the owner of the comic book store has really worked in the book store before he got into acting industry.

3. Sheldon wears t-shirt based on his mood. Mostly he is seen in a red coloured t-shirt, which predicts he is often troubled by the less intelligent people. The blue t-shirt depicts hope, red depicts anger, yellow stands for fear and green implies courage. So, in every episode viewers can easily predict about his mood by the colour of the t-shirt he wears.

4. Penny and Leonard dated each other actually and that too for two years. It was a secret affair, even the co-workers were unaware about Penny and Leonard dating in real.

5. Do you know what Penny’s last name is? Unless you are a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, you will not know it. Penny’s last name was never revealed unless it’s ninth season, by the producer in an interview as ‘Barrington’. But, still, Penny’s last name is a big online question.

6. Sheldon Cooper is a big Star Trek fan in The Big Bang Theory, but in real Jim Parsons has never seen a single Episode of Star Trek in his life.

7. The staircase featured in the series is actually only the one set, which is redressed all the time to make it look that the characters are climbing different floors.

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8. The very first episode Pilot was supposed to release on May 1, 2006 was never aired. The episode featured only Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter).

9. Jim Parson (Sheldon) is shown the youngest on the show, while in reality he is the eldest on the show and he is nearly around 43 years.

10. Jim Parson, before getting fixed for the role of Sheldon Cooper, went auditioning in How I Met Your Mother for the role of Barney Stinson, but was rejected. And currently, Jim Parson is the highest paid TV actor as Sheldon.