Financial crisis doesn’t only demolishes common man’s life but it also brings down the most famed celebrities. And you already know whom we are referring in this article – Tyga. The rapper has faced many high and low times throughout his career and his being in debt is a gossip for everybody. He was recovering from all the money shortcomings and just when it seemed that the man is done dealing with his financial issues, this happened.

tyga sued

The news from the centre is that the rapper is now being sued in different lawsuit as he didn’t managed to make car payments on a red 2016 Ferrari 488 he rides. Alex Benedict didn’t hesitate as he filed the suit against Tyga after the rapper failed to pay him for the fancy car.

The Ferrari is being leased by Benedict and he made an agreement with Tyga to take over the payments in May 2016. But there were no payments made to him by Tyga and as a result by August, Benedict had to have the car repossessed.  Both entered into another agreement which stated that the rapper was allowed to use the car until October 9, 2016 but Tyga never really considered returning the expensive vehicle. Haha! This was something. Thus, the Ferrari was repossessed again in early November.

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Apart from the $150,000 in damages from Tyga, Benedict is also seeking charges for attorney fees and punitive damages. And to talk about more of his financial headlines, as of November 1, 2016 Tyga had made “significant payments” if you remember that $280,000 debt he once owed Jason Arasheben (Jason of Beverly Hills) who is a celebrity jeweler. And at that moment the lawyers of Tyga confirmed “the remaining balance of the obligation will be satisfied” but the story was quite different. So basically he is chilling his life despite he got bills to pay. Well played, Tyga!