Today Twitter announced Keith Coleman as the new product head. This is the third time twitter has changed its product head this year.

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This news came into light when Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter posted on his profile addressing Keith, The founder of Yes! as the new product head.

Keith Coleman is an entrepreneur and founder of start-up company Yes Inc. He has built Frenzy and WYD (What you doing) which are fairly known by anyone.

Keith created his twitter account in 2007 and has roughly 145 tweets yet.

Prior to starting Yes, his team spent their careers building products like Gmail, Android, PayPal and others.
Today in the Yes Inc. blog post, The Yes Team mentioned that they are joining the twitter to in an effort to bring the world closer on a huge scale.

It is currently not clear that the entire Yes team will join twitter but Kieth Coleman has been already made the product head of twitter. Considering he was already a product head of google apps like Gmail, Inbox, Hangouts and other apps it was fairly easy for him to be eligible for this position at twitter.

So what will happen to the Frenzy and WYD app? Sadly they will be discontinued soon so that the Yes Team can entirely focus on twitter.

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