It doesn’t matter how much books you read on time management or how many YouTube videos you watch on “How to save time?”, 24 hours will always seem a little less if you are working on building your company, your own dreams. There’s so much to do but we always end up feeling short of time to run all our errands! To learn how to manage our time better is an art which of course requires a lot of practice. But is there an easy and effective way to save time in fact? Well, it depends on how seriously you take these below mentioned time management tips that really work!

time management tips

1. Begin early in the morning.


It might be not as easy as hitting that Snooze button of your alarm but those couple of extra morning hours pays off throughout the day. And to keep you motivated to try this at least, it’s a well known fact that every successful CEO in the world has a habit of starting the day at the crack of dawn. Energy level of yours goes low as you drag yourself across tasks throughout the day and hence, an early wake up habit will give you a head start and it will only help you to clear your mind, and you can plan and prioritize your day accordingly!

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2. Being a multi-tasker doesn’t helps. Avoid it.


Multi-tasking sounds really cool but if you are looking forward for sharpening your time management skills, farewell to multi-tasking. For those who think it is an efficient way of getting things done, you are under the false impression. You will end up messing several tasks. Focusing on one thing at a time increases productivity and results are better outcomes. Simple as that.

3. You need to detach yourself from unimportant things.

avoid phone notifications

You might not acknowledge but the truth is we waste a lot of our time on things that don’t even matter at a particular time. Get into the habit of not answering the phone immediately when it rings or vibrates. Calls, messenger notifications kills time really well. Stay out of this web and schedule a particular 20-30 mins to return the phone calls, mails and messages.

4. Take breaks in between tasks.

breaks in between tasks

There is no point in overworking your body. Working continuous 16 hours a day won’t do any good. Learn to accept the fact that breaks are quite crucial. Appreciate 10 to 15 minutes off in between tasks, it takes your mind off of the load of the work. Not only this will help you to remain calm but breaks will also guard you against overworking your mind and overthinking.

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5. Setting deadlines has it’s own benefits.

set deadlines

No matter whether it is your personal or your professional life, creating and following deadlines always helps. But you need to be realistic while setting up the deadline and stick to it with complete dedication until the task gets done. You can think of it as a challenge that you have set to test your abilities and don’t just give up in the middle. After completing, give yourself a little treat.

If you incorporate the above mentioned tips and tricks in your daily routine then your productivity will be raised for sure and your stress levels will get lowered.