Whether addressing an enterprise or just a few number of individuals at the workstation, public speaking plays a crucial role in achieving success. If that is what it takes, we must strive to improve our public speaking skills which can be accomplished by thorough practice.


1. Avoid being scholarly.

If you try to be professional while speaking and continue using technical terms regularly, you may lose total interest of your audience making them feel dull and inactive. Communicate in such a way that your audience must be keen for your next sentence. Involve your audience in the topic by narrating your view through a story or by playing a small game. These changes will help you gain admirers from the audience who will surely try to witness your performance at every possible time.

2. Develop through practice.

Being ready with your content, you need to evaluate the way you are going to convey your point to the audience. You will probably make a script containing objectives which you are going to deliver. To have an impact on the audience focus on the delivery of your content. Plain reading will be hopeless, but if you engage the audience in your words and make them listen to what you say you will surely gain confidence in your speech delivery.

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3. Action speaks louder than words.

Your body gestures on stage are observed by the audience, it is a medium of non-verbal communication with them. The way you stand, hover around, sway your hands is surely going to have an impact on the viewers, it is your responsibility to make sure it is a positive one. Whenever you address the crowd, keep your gestures flowing with your words. Don’t stand at a place for a long time and avoid moving around restlessly, stay calm and let your confidence stream from your body language.

4. Let your presentation speak for itself.

Keeping your point with the help of some slides or document is not bad at all. But when you display it to your viewers, don’t go on reading every sentence and explain it to them. Believe me it makes no sense, your audience can read so just summarize the whole thing and talk precisely while presenting yourself.

5. Learn from criticism.

People will share their views based on their experience which may be satisfying and even annoying sometimes. Keep yourself in the place of your audience and try to discover what they expect from you as a speaker. Feel free to receive feedback from your listeners as it truly inspires your will to stand up to the mark as a spokesperson. Analyzing your critics and working out on factors you lack will develop you into an excellent public speaker.

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