WhatsApp is testing out a new feature on its beta app for android user that will let us stream videos.

We will no longer need to download videos  before we can watch them. This was the most awaited feature WhatsApp user were asking. Usually when we receive a video, we have to download it first which may take a while as well as taking some precious memory space on our phone.

whatsapp on iphone

If you have set up your app to download videos automatically then you don’t need to do anything it will download them automatically as usual. However if it’s set to manual download then you’ll spot the new play button instead of download button, it should be noted that while streaming the video will not be saved into gallery. To be honest this feature comes in handy if you have a habit to delete the watched video to free up some space on your device.

WhatsApp have been a little slower to bring new features to its app as compared to its rivalry. However when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acquired WhatsApp in February 2014, addition of new features for whatsapp have been astronomically risen. From end-to-end message encryption to video calls, all this has been done in less than 2 years. Currently there are over 1 billion WhatsApp user. So keeping in mind to this gigantic user database and the security issues is major concern. WhatsApp is working really hard to add these new features to its platform without diluting the security and privacy concerns.

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If you’re an android user head to the play store and sign up for beta tester to get early access of this new feature, however Windows and iOS user have to wait some time.