Once you’ve released your product in the market, it’s time to start getting customers. The ‘Prelaunch Strategy’ hopefully have provided you some already. This particular phase is usually the toughest part of it. There are certainly no doubts that it is the hardest in the life of a startup. You need to shift the transitions from the launch phase to building a product which is more market oriented.

While this thing can be an easy job for some, but it indeed is difficult for the most. Registering those early adopters, customers and feedback are essential for the ongoing evolution of your product.

Start up Hacks

In a survey, it was found that 9 out of 10 startups fail. As surprising as it sounds, the real life footing of an Entrepreneur is way more intriguing. A number of problems all varying from technical to market fields play the counteracts in the process of establishment of a new Startup.

The process of instituting your brand name in the market and getting it identified from ‘Nothing’ to ‘Something’ is very troublesome yet crucial. The following growth hacks will help you drive from zero and head towards success more conveniently.


Having a clear goal is exclusively important for a Business to prosper. It is difficult to grow with no respective goals set. The journey here will be meaningless if the terminals are not definite. You must correspond with all your employees that how significant the goals are and what measures should be followed to achieve them. The 3 most vital ‘P’s of business, product, people, and process are all centralized by the goals of the business. Establishing goals help you move forward in your respective business and allows you to define the guidelines that your Business conduct must follow to get your product praised by the customers.

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It indeed is very important to find the most important metrics by analyzing the results of your business. Good marketers know how to best utilize all of the data available inside Google Analytics. This enables them to understand their audience better and strengthen their marketing strategy. You could spend hours digging through the platform and walk away with your head spinning without knowing which sections to pay attention to. It’s difficult to assess the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy and know when it’s time to make a shift without analyzing your website traffic. Google Analytics can provide valuable insight into who visits your website, how they got there in the first place and what pages they spend the most time on when leveraged correctly. The marketing strategy can be enhanced with this powerful data. Google analytics helps you to compare the generated traffic by different paid sources and recognize more ROI generating paid source. Different ad campaigns and their effectiveness can be also be measured by it.


In most of the initial business startups, time management is the biggest problems faced by the team involved. Time management is a skilled art. Every successful venture had its own time management system to work accordingly. Time management can be broken down into three major components namely: Quantify, Prioritize, and Automate. More output can be achieved with very less efforts using the Automated tools and thereby saving the valuable time of your employees.

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Depending on the SEO to produce engaging content for the website is so yesterday idea to market your product. Content marketing has gradually grown more popular today and possess the capability of heading the purpose for the company. Statistics says, that the content-led websites are favored by around 37% of marketing managers as the most important channel for engaging the customers. Devising a strategy of your own to make your customers spend more time on your website by producing exclusive and interesting contents which definitely will stand out from all your competitors. In a study, it was observed that 60% of the customers have a much more affirmative opinion about a company as per the content on its website. Therefore, it is advised to depend on and infuse writing engaging content instead of leaning on the SEO.


Social Media platforms

At the initial stage of startup, it is comparatively difficult to create and start your own brand presence. Social media can be used to target people of all age groups and to make the most out of it by registering maximum new customers. Social Media can be used to exploit the benefit of focusing the specified age groups owing to it’s reputation. Tools can be employed to operate various social media accounts since for a startup there are usually very few individuals in it and the time is also limited.

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