What exactly is “LOVE”? Why do people fall in love? Is love above all human emotions? These are some of the questions that people have been pondering over for ages. We all can agree that the topic ‘Love’ has inspired some of the greatest works of art in human history. And if you think about it, some people have really made a career out of it. But we still don’t know what love is. Yeah! Science has answered many questions in terms of chemical and hormonal reactions, attraction and the need for companionship, but that doesn’t much help us in terms of how to negotiate our own emotions and relationships.

Taylor Myers, a 25-year-old poet from Ohio decided to share her thoughts on this matter while exploring the emotional depths of bitterness from a difficult experience. Her post, fearful and full of regret, connected to so many people who had experienced the shocking contrasts between the intense, burning adoration of young love, and the cold ashes of realism that remain once the fire has faded.

Later on, Taylor went back to add a more heartwarming lesson she learned in her ‘Relationships for Life’ class thus adding a balance to her unexpectedly viral prose. Once again her words went viral, but this time the reasons were different.

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This is what Taylor has to say: “The reaction from the readers blew me away. I still get messages weekly from people telling me how it affected them, how it saved their relationship, or how it gave them the strength to walk away from someone that was holding them back. It blows my mind to know that something I created has touched so many people across the world, has urged them to come to me for advice or clarification or just a listening ear.”

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Meet Taylor Myers, a 25-year-old poet from Ohio.

She shared her deep and unusual fear about love on Tumblr.

And people immediately agreed with her.

She later came back to her post but with a different perspective.

Here’s how people reacted to her heartfelt post.

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