Winter arrived early in Tokyo this year, the last time it snowed in Tokyo in November was in 1962.

Japanese capital usually gets one or two snowfalls a year in January or February. Snow doesn’t accumulate, but this time it got about an inch.

On Thursday, a temperature in the capital and other parts of eastern Japan fell to near zero, disrupting traffic and causing more electricity usage for heating demand. The snow caused minor train delays during the morning commute.

japan snow fall

According to firefighters and other authorities, injuries were also reported in Tokyo and neighboring areas, including people who slipped on snowy roads and suffered fractured bones.

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The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) says a cold air mass with a temperature of -3 degrees was spreading over the Kanto region including Tokyo. Experts said the low temperatures and snowfall was due to Arctic air penetrating middle latitudes being exposed to low atmospheric temperatures.

A hint that it’s going to be a harsh cold winter this year. Recording hottest summers then coldest winters looks like signs of climate change.

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