The last 90 minutes episode of Sherlock, “The Abominable Bride” was released on 1st January 2016, which was based on “The Mind Palace” of Sherlock. The episode was completely different as compared to rest of the three season. The battle between “The world’s only consulting detective”, Sherlock Holmes and “The Criminal Mastermind”, Moriarty was remarkable.


The collection of the laugh, tears, surprises, mysterious and extraordinary special cases which seem impossible to get an answer to but how Sherlock solves the way out of it is the reason Sherlock is on top charts and why fans are interested in it.

As Sherlock said in the last episode, “Moriarty is dead, but He’s back” left fans in a mystery of what is going to come next but certainly gives us the hint that denouement is still remaining. So, “The stage is set, curtain rises, we are ready to begin”. Yes, you read it right. The Sociopath is back with his sidekick! But this isn’t the game anymore.

The PBS has confirmed the date 1st January 2017 by dropping the photos from the BBC one/Masterpiece series. The first trailer for Sherlock season 4 was released a couple of months ago. It starts similar to the end of the season three with the Moriarty saying “Did you miss me?”. Yes, fans certainly did miss Moriarty but it looks like Sherlock didn’t. As Sherlock says, “Something is coming… maybe it’s Moriarty, maybe it isn’t” it is clear that they are stepping up the game even more now.

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The new bad guy “Toby Jones” is in the picture saying “We are going to have endless fun”. A couple of pictures of hospital staff wheeling out the body were also included which concludes not everyone is going to make it out alive in season 4. Last Wednesday, the second teaser of Sherlock was dropped by BBC but it doesn’t offer much. The crime-solving duo Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson taking a short time to be seated down together.

The names of the first three episodes are going to be “The Six Thatchers”, “The Lying Detective” and “The Final Problem”. So sit back and relax. Mark the date, 1st January 2017. The Game is On!