If you were amongst those guys who thought the rumours of Vince Gilligan confirming the planned production for Breaking Bad Season 6 were too good to sound like a true story, you were right. Sadly, it was just all part of an elaborate hoax. It really pumped up the hopes of fans though but now they are just disappointed with all those fake season 6 plans.

breaking bad season 6

Considering the popularity of the show, it was pretty easy for a rumour like this to catch fire and eventually it did. It did managed to catch the eye of the TV series lovers. And now it seems like every month we hear about another surprise reprise of a show we once thought was a dead meat.

Well, there were rumours of new seasons of other series as well but none of those shows had popularity as wild as Breaking Bad. The creation of Vince Gilligan won countless awards and set cable ratings records. And to just give you a clue about how popular the show was, the finale season of Breaking Bad series was watched by more than ten million people. Breaking Bad was a commercial success altogether and it’s pretty easy to fall prey of rumours like this. Could there really be a Season 6? Hell Nope!

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And to confuse fans more the fake news sites even made the fake interview look legitimate. But sadly, there was no such interview of Vince Gilligan by NBC News and to make things quite clear there are no current plans for Breaking Bad, Season 6. Until further official news, fans will have to keep themselves satisfied by watching Season 1 – Season 5 of ‘Breaking Bad’ over and over. You should not feel ashamed if you got caught into this trap, it happens!