The most suspense creating confusion of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship finally came clear as they avoid each other in Abu Dhabi. The Caribbean Queen and The Young Money White Knight were in Abu Dhabi coincidently to celebrate the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. But as the report suggests, both of them failed to perform together acquainting to affirm the news about their split up from the on/off relationship stature.

rihanna concert

When Rihanna arrived at du Arena where she was highlighting the after race concert, everybody was expecting to see her collaborate with Drake in his cameo appearance, as they used to do if you recall the past few months. But they only managed to disappoint the fans in the crowd. Drake didn’t show up in the event which eventually prevailed Rihanna to do handle the crowd all alone.

Surprisingly, Drake’s DJ, Future The Prince, was backstage assisting “The Bajan Beauty” during the concert along with Rita Ora, Paris Hilton and Akon, but there was no clue of Drizzy Drake at the event.

As per the sources and reports,

“Rihanna was an hour late to the stage and didn’t impress us too much. It was like she didn’t want to be here. We were so gutted she didn’t bring out Drake especially as he was already in the country. It just doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t duet together”.

Reports also claim that RiRi’s gig wasn’t the only venue Drake was disappearing from the action in Abu Dhabi.

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The Hotline Bling singer was caught up in a row after he was ‘missing’ for a gig he was paid to show up. The pop-up nightclub, VIP ROOM in Abu Dhabi has reportedly paid Drake up for an appearance where he didn’t ‘showed up’. Reports revealed that fans stayed till 5 am to see the superstar, but Drake didn’t arrived at all. A source reported that the “no-show” was not the fault of Drake or his team but due to the security affair at the venue.