Mario might be your first buddy if you’re a 90s kid. Those were the good old days. He is a man who needs no introduction. You’ll simply smile and reminisce about your childhood days if you hear that familiar music of this epic game. No wonder it was one of the most popular video games back then.

Here is a list of 10 Mario Facts that you might have missed.

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1. Mario was first seen in the video game Donkey Kong, but he was called “Jumpman.” He was also a carpenter then, not a plumber.

2. Mario and his younger brother Luigi are known as the “Mario Brothers.” This means that Mario’s last name is also Mario, so his full name is Mario Mario.

3. Shigeru Miyamoto drew Mario as wearing a cap because he found drawing hair difficult. He also drew in the mustache, because it was easier to see than a mouth in the crude video game screen resolution back then.

4. Mario was named after Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s office, who barged in on a company meeting demanding an overdue rent.

5. The classic 1up trick was developed by Miyamoto himself. However, he did not expect the players to master it as quickly as they did it.

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