You’ll come across tons of people giving their thoughts on why one should not get into business when he is still taking classes in college. And to think of that there are other reasons as well which forces people to part ways with starting a business venture with major reason being nine in ten new businesses failing. But if you’re going to be all negative then you don’t even deserve to be a CEO in the first place. And if you are able to focus on the other side of the story, you will realize there are a lot of reasons why the best place to start your business is university itself. Take a look at the important ones!

Entrepreneur student

1. You will have access to the resources, make it count.

Universities are a place consisting of hell lot of resources and by it I mean labs, institutes for research facilities, insane speed internet connection, acknowledgement for start-ups ideas that have the potential and professors full of knowledge who’d love to advise you. Use these equipment’s and the expertise to do well.

2. You get free marketing by your college friends.

Being in college also means being around people who would love to promote your idea and product to their other friends and for free of course. Make use of those connections. Build relations with people who are likeminded and involve them to boost your ideas out into the world.

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3. Living in Incubators helps.

incubator start up

Some of the universities specifically are meant for house start-ups. Being in incubators can help you accelerate the launch of your start-up. Incubators got funds and loans available to support your idea and to get even more seed money, they’ve got competitions that you can take part in.

4. The cost of failure is a lot lower.

Even if you fail in execution, it won’t cost you much. If you begin in college itself and it didn’t work out, you will have plenty of time to get it done right. That implies that the price of failure in university is negligible.

5. Much better than accepting a job in the company.

corporate job

If you give this a serious thought, there is no better time to begin your first start-up while studying in college. You might not have high financial resources but you can work it out if you have the necessary talents. And yeah, it’s better than working 9-5 as a slave for a corporate company.