Every year, TIME selects the most influential person of the year, noting, for better or for worse, the person or group of people who have had the largest global impact over the past 12 months.

And before going any further into details let’s first clear what is TIME’s Person of the Year?

According to TIME the criterion is:

“The person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.”

So now you know what TIME Person of the Year is.

Today TIME announced in their official blog post that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the online reader’s poll for TIME Person of the Year and is the most influential figure of 2016.

The poll closed on Sunday at midnight. And the results showed that PM Modi won with total 18% of the vote. Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Julian Assange, all received only 7% of the vote. And on a side note, the Eminent figures of 2016 such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg only received 2% of the vote and Hillary Clinton received 4% of the vote.

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Recently PM Modi was in the world news for his decision of Demonetizing the higher currency notes. Reports say that this might have led to higher approval ratings from Indians.

Surprisingly the results found that preferences differ across the world and the United States. And PM Modi performed particularly well among Indian voters as well as those in California and New Jersey.

And finally, TIME’S Person of the Year will be officially revealed on December 7.