PM modi note ban

The government is committed to fight against corruption. Naidu at a rally said:

“Modiji aims at a cashless economy where you don’t have to pay anything to anyone in person.”

Striking on the opposition, He further added: “I am surprised at the manner in which the opposition is coming together, but what their strength is? The country is with us.”

While on the other side the oppositions are trying their best in an aim for PM Modi to roll back the demonetisation policy. So around 200 opposition lawmakers walked in a queue in the Parliament House this morning to show how peoples have to queue up at ATMs and banks to exchange their 500 and 1,000 rupee notes.

The opposition parties says that they will now take their protest countrywide on November 28. “We will march separately and strike together,” said Sitaram Yechury to the press. “74 people have reportedly died so far. It’s the poor who are suffering. Until December 30, allow people to use old notes for white transactions,” he added.

While in this context the UP BJP chief Keshav Maurya said people die for any reason, not from note ban. He added:

“Those who died of heart attacks may have been suffering from heart disease, one can’t blame demonetisation”.

Majority of the people are backing PM Modi’s effort while some people who are facing problems in exchanging their money are criticizing this movement.

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The problems are real and PM Modi knows how it feels, so hoardings are being displayed in the cities asking peoples be cooperative and help government fight against black money hoarders and corruption.