Remember when we became the 1st nation to reach mars’ orbit in first attempt in September 2014? It was a proud moment for our nation. It was India’s first interplanetary mission. We were complimenting our politicians and giving them the credit for this success. People on social media were busy congratulating Narendra Modi over the driving force behind ISRO’s historic success. However, most of us couldn’t even name one scientist who was behind this success.

PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal

People nowadays are just inflicting insults on social media whether BJP is better or AAP or the Congress party. Do you see this hate that is tearing our nation apart from inside? This division is stealthily spreading into our society. People have stopped judging the leaders by facts and has begun judging the facts based on the leaders.

People are getting divided. This is mostly seen on social media. The comment section of any political Facebook post always features insulting debates, hatred and cursing, just because we have different political preferences.

People in this country are behaving like political representatives. This is very harmful for the democracy. The political class needs to be ideologically factious so people can have a diversity of choice. But when the voters themselves harmonise with political parties, the debate on all national issues becomes corrupts.

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When people attach themselves with the party they voted for in the election, they see anyone with opposing ideologies as enemies. And this leads to hero worship and blind belief. Continuous media display & hypocrisy are one of the culprits. Every small thing is enlarged to 100x playing with people’s mind. And if you question the party’s decision you are named as anti-nationalist. Public have right to ask questions, politicians need to understand.

We should not allow the politicians to divide us, we must understand that we should not follow a party leader blindly. We don’t owe any leader anything; we don’t need to defend anything and everything that they say. We have the right to criticise our politicians when the need it. We don’t owe them our unquestionable loyalty, they owe us their unquestionable loyalty. Our loyalty lies to the tricolour, to the principles, and the law, and not to the party we voted for in election.

Let us promise ourselves to be more tolerant of diversity of ideologies. And not to judge each other by our political taste and thrive together as united Indians.