The multi-talented Jimmy Kimmel made it to the headlines this week for two major announcements. The star is known for his witty and sarcastic personality and is the host and executive producer of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. Being revealed as the next Oscar host and also announcing that he and his wife Molly are expecting their second baby together made this week a big one for Kimmel.


Although Kimmel has previously hosted the Emmys, ESPYs, and American Music Awards, it’ll be the first time he will be hosting the 89th Academy Awards which will air on ABC February 26, 2017. Jimmy will be in charge of entertaining a growing audience. As per the records, Chris Rock hosted the show last year, drawing in 34.3 million viewers — which was an 11-year low.

On asked if he is nervous for it, the comedian said, “I will be eventually. It’s weird… if I was nervous months out, I would have to go to the hospital.”

Jimmy was at the premiere of “Office Christmas Party,” where he met and chatted along with Charissa Thompson about both the announcements. “To be honest, we’re a lot more excited about the baby than anything else.”, said Kimmel. On which wife Molly affirmed that they don’t know the sex of the baby who will join their daughter yet.

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“We like it to be a surprise. With all the women I impregnate, I like it to be a surprise — that’s my policy.” – Jimmy Kimmel

The chat became more whimsical when Charissa said that Molly is the one doing all the work since she’s expecting. “In a way, I‘m expecting. When the door opens, I’ll be standing on the other side of it.”, replied the funny man.