Welcome to the future of shopping. Amazon is bringing a game-changing technology to its store located in Seattle called “amazon go.”

The company started working on this project 4 years ago and it will go live in few months in early 2017. This technology will replace the long queues at checkout counters and will make your shopping experience smooth and comfortable.

The process is so easy that people can literally grab what they want and just leave the store. Sounds much like shoplifting? But wait there’s more to the story. The store will be powered by most advanced machine learning computer vision and AI. Hundreds of cameras and sensors will be monitoring your every step and activity.

Users will have to install the amazon go app on their smartphones so that while entering into the store their information can be validated via barcode or NFC tap.

amazon go

Anything you pick and put it in your basket will be automatically added to your virtual cart. The technology is so smart that if you change your mind and put something back. It will automatically remove it for you from your virtual cart.

The whole system works on deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion, just like it is used in self-driving cars nowadays.
The company is calling this technology “Just Walk Out Technology.”

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After your shopping is done you can just walk out of the store. And you will be automatically charged for the amount from your amazon account.