Priyanka Mehta (Angel Priya as per her Facebook account) could not save herself from the wedding tornado of 2019 and got married to Zubair Khan this January. Zubair happens to be her father’s friend’s only son.

Although she knew him from her childhood, never considered marrying him. She was dating a guy who she met on Tinder but seeing the BMW X2 of Zubair, she decided to marry him.

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After the first night, Priyanka thought she should go back to her Tinder boyfriend (name not mentioned cause we don’t know that) and call her husband a just-friend because why not! When she shared the idea with Zubair, he decided to call off the marriage.

Zubair is depressed and heartbroken. He informed us that he is quite addicted to Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One” song right at this moment.

However, Priyanka is doing great because she is happy with the alimony money along with her expensive wedding dress which Zubair obviously paid for and wedding photos from Wedding Diaries.

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