Mukesh Ambani today announced a new “Happy New Year offer” for all customers.

This new offer will extend the benefits of the “Welcome offer”. Under the Welcome offer, Jio customers were getting unlimited voice calling, text messages, and data free of cost. However, Jio’s Happy New Year plan will provide 4G speed to only first 1GB data per day after that the speed will be reduced to 128kbps. This is strictly implemented to reduce the data congestion for 20% of the Jio’s subscriber who were facing slow speed.

mukesh-ambani announcement

Jio’s Happy New Year offer will be free for all existing as well as for new customers until March 31, 2017. Mukesh Ambani also announced the company will home deliver Jio SIM cards for those who don’t have time to visit the store. Customers who will buy new SIM after 4th December will get the “Happy New Year offer” with FUP of 1GB data.

To onboard new customers, Jio has made this process as simple as possible. Aadhar based eKYC activates new SIMs in under 5 minutes. “This is the best experience anywhere in the world,” Mukesh A. said.

This is an investment that Jio has made to create a powerful physical plus digital capability for supporting a variety of offerings into the future. Jio is data strong network built for the internet from the ground up.

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“Jio is not only delivering 4 times more data than all other Indian telecom operators combined but also much faster throughputs than any other mobile network in India.”

Backing PM Modi’s demonetization decision he said: “Digital Money and the Cashless way of living is people’s ability to convert physical Cash into Digital Cash and vice-versa.”

To make this possible, JioMoney is expanding its reach to millions of touch points where micro-ATMs will be deployed in coming months.