We all know that the popularity of Golden Globes is insane but something amazing happened this year. Recently, a model by the name ‘Fiji water girl’ became the talk of the town for photobombing celebs on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2019.

She was at the awards for a sponsored integration with Fiji water. She kept her busy by presenting Fiji water to the celebs to keep them hydrated. Looks like the model was promoting the sponsored brand but instead, the water brand promoted her. The model was none other than Kelleth Cuthbert.

People on the Internet have already made a meme material our of her but meanwhile also showered her much love and support for her stunning looks. She is already everybody’s favorite. Not to mention, the model is very gorgeous and totally stunned in the blue layered gown that she was wearing at the red carpet.

Golden Globes 2019 took place at Beverly Hills, California, The United States. The Golden Globes became the much-talked topic recently due to so many reasons but the most amusing one that you will find is the ‘Fiji Water girl’. The stunning model was seen photobombing countless celebs at the red carpet.

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