You might be planning or overthinking on how to make your Christmas Holidays hell lot of fun. If it’s giving you a hard time then allow me to make it easy for you. Director John Hamburg has got something for you this Christmas season. After giving hit movies like ‘I Love You, Man’ and ‘Along Came Polly’, John Hamburg is all set to make a comeback with another Romantic Comedy movie, ‘Why Him?’ which is already gaining a lot of hits and some believe the reason is including Eminem’s ‘Berzerk’ song in the movie.


Remember Bryan Cranston, famously known as the drug lord Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, is now playing a role of an over-protective but loving Dad (Ned Fleming) of a young woman, Zoey Deutch (Stephanie Fleming). As trailer starts with Ned saying, “As your little girl grows up, it seems like no guy will ever be good enough for her, but sooner or later it’s time for you to meet the love of her life”, Stephanie is very excited for her dad to meet up her boyfriend. But it turns out her boyfriend, James Franco (Laird Mayhew) who is an Internet Zillionaire “literally got no filters” which is completely clear by the way he welcomed Stephanie’s family at his home saying,“Motherfuc*ing Flemings are in the house!”.

Take a look at the trailer!

And that’s the start of rivalry between Ned and Laird. Ned who cares a lot about her daughter thinks Laird is no match and completely inappropriate for her daughter. And Laird accepts the challenge by saying, “On Christmas morning you gonna be call me son and Imma be call you Dad.” and starts “wrapping his tentacles around every member of the family.”

Bryan Cranston says, “Working with James Franco on ‘Why Him?’ was the ‘Most Fun’ he’s had on a movie”. That’s enough compliments!

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Release date: 23rd December, 2016, mark your calendar!