There are 1.7 Billion active users on Facebook (More than the population of China), 400 million on Instagram, 320 million on Twitter, 100 million on LinkedIn. From these statistics, it is quite clear that “Social Media” is the most powerful platform to promote your products. It is one of the best ways to connect with the clients, customers, and friends. The Internet is to gain unknown information and people have access to the Internet at their office, home, in cars, and mostly in their pocket. So if you are not using Social Media to market your products and services you are on the wrong path.


But evolving on Social Media is not as easy as it looks. You need a good strategy, and to make effective use of these media, you need a game plan to develop your social media involvement and your online brand. You should think of Social Media as a competition, and to win this game you have to follow the rules. So following are some laws and tips which will help you out to lead in this field.

1. Content Quality

Keep your Content and Commerce separate. Any hard-sell should not be infused with anything but the information that you provide. Never misguide your audience to gain additional views. Give right information, receive the loyal audience. If your content has no match with your title, then fans are not going to visit you again. Hire writers and content creators on whom you trust. Always remember: Quantity is something you Count and Quality is something you Count On!

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2. Smart Work

Word hard in the smartest way possible. If you will keep on working hard without any strategy or planning your business is going to breakdown. Choose your audience carefully. If you will talk about chess with football fans, it’s obvious that you are not going to get any attention. To be a successful social media manager you need to have a proper planning and you should also be able to execute the plan in a righteous way.

3. Patience

Be Patient. You cannot build the empire overnight. Toyota takes 13 hours to build, but Rolls- Royce take 6 months! Those trees which grow slow will always give the sweetest fruit. It will take some time to interact with an audience and make your own impact on Social Media. But once you are able to do that, the result will definitely astonish you. So be consistent and keep on working with patience.

4. Connections

Surround yourself with the people who keep same goals as yours because they believe in your dreams which will keep you motivated and make you feel positive. Keep connections and work with them to build a good relationship. If you keep such people in your circle you can help each other to grow in the business. This will also help you to expand your sources and information. And if you have really good relation, they will share your content with their audiences.

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5. Be responsive

If people are trying to contact you in person or by any other way, do respond them. Here you can kill two birds with one stone. First, they will be gleeful that you took your time out off your schedule and responded them. Second, you will have a good opportunity to know your audience and what they think about you. You will get to know their review and where you can improve yourself to gain more.

So these were the five tips to achieve success in Social Media Marketing. Follow the rules, lead the game!