After being under medication, American rapper Kanye West is living alone, distant from his wife Kim Kardashian and their children. Acquiring an inmate treatment, West currently stays at a leased apartment. The ‘Famous’ rapper, was confined on November 21 due to intense burnout, affecting his on-stage performance and leading to the abandonment of the complete Saint Pablo tour.

Kanye West

He spent more than a week in UCLA Medical Center and West was released on Wednesday, November 30. As per the reports, Kim doesn’t want Kanye close to kids and wants him to recover from his poor state of health. While some reports are declining the fact that West is living apart from his family, insisting that he his going through the recovery phase at his residence.

It has been acknowledged that Kim’s Paris burglary which took place on October 3 and Kim’s daily work oppression has captured a severe inroad in their marriage. Over their marriage problems, it’s been a suffering for both of them. Kanye’s behavior due to hospitalization has clearly affected his relationship with Kim. However, Kim takes the initiative to handle West and save their marriage.

West celebrated his son’s first birthday and his return after from the sanitarium with Kim and her well-known siblings as part of a small gathering. It is yet to be declared by the couple about Kanye’s hospitalization, apart from Kendall Jenner who shared the news wishing him well on Entertainment Tonight.

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