Justin Bieber stopped by the “The Ellen Show” for an upcoming episode called backstage singing to Taylor Swift, again?

In the video, he sings the chorus of Taylor Swift’s “Red” album song “I knew you were Trouble”. The video is bit noisy as the audience is cheering him nearby.

Justin Bieber recently made a comment “Instagram Is For The Devil” and since then he has been avoiding Instagram and Snapchat. But it seems that Bieber has no problem shooting videos using other people’s phone.


This is not the first time Bieber has covered “I Knew You Were Trouble”. In June, Bieber was singing the same song cover with Martin Garrix in Nashville.

It seems like he’s in a good mood after finally wrapping up his Purpose World Tour, and since he’s free now he is killing time singing covers.
Maybe it’s a gesture of peace between Bieber and Swift after a long cold war or maybe it’s just a catchy song for him or maybe this has something to do with her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Usually, artists don’t film themselves without sending a message. Whatever the message is we are not entirely sure what does he mean yet. To find out watch Ellen’s episode on December 5.

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