A little history about Ambani’s family.

When the Ambani brothers separated, Anil Ambani got the Reliance telecommunication company instead Mukesh Ambani who himself built this company, but he didn’t lose his dedication and waited for the non-compete agreement to end in 2010.

After that he bought a small 4G Company and named it Jio 4G. To get back in business again, Mukesh Ambani devoted all his time and resources in Telecom sector and invested a lots of money in this project and bought most of the 4G spectrum available including Band 5, Band 20 and Band 40.

Jio 4G logo

He started alpha testing his 4G network in 2014, and after December 2015 the public beta testing started. On 5th of September 2016, Jio 4G was finally available for everyone with a special “Welcome offer” in which all the customer will get free voice calls + data till the New Year’s Eve 2016.

After almost 3 months of official launch, Jio 4G has managed to attract more than 6 lakh customers per day. Last month the company claimed that they have managed to add 16 million new subscribers in just 26 days after commercial launch.

The company today has reached 50 million subscriber database in just 83 days according to PTI source.

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While the company’s mission is to reach 100 million by the end of the year. The company also started few new strategies to add more customers including sim being home delivered and e-verification system. While Mukesh Ambani may not be able to reach more 50 million subscriber in one month but there is also rumors that company might extend its welcome offer till the end of March 2016. Because other network provider (Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea) did not provided enough interconnect points. This was the major obstacle for Jio 4G for connecting calls.

Later after complaint that calls are not connecting to other providers, the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in favor of Jio over this issue charged fine of Rupees 1 crore per circle to each network provider those who were not providing enough interconnect points.

After the end of Welcome offer the company will start charging users as per their plan. While the phone calls will still remain free for everyone.