There are thousands upon thousands of both dog and cat videos online. But for some reason, we all tend to watch the cat ones more often, right?

Dogs try too hard, while cats are naturally cool – sitting in a box and hopping around. While dogs are always working and busy, and that’s not what you want when it’s 2:00 pm on a weekend.

Why is that though? Well maybe it’s because cats have really expressive faces and body language making it easy for us to project our own emotions and captions on them “Mrrrr. Leave me alone.”, “I hate you” Or maybe it’s because cats are just so freakin random.

cat meme

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for one second. You can’t really train a cat to do much. When you see a cool dog video, you think oh wow, someone taught him how to do that. Or that dog really wants to get his owner’s attention. How cute. And Cats? Well, they do whatever they want when they want to.

Cats are like the mascot of loneliness and to be honest that is most of what the internet is. They achieve it just by either not caring or seeming that to care. It’s unclear.

If you’re introverted you might like cats and there’s a lot of cats on the internet. If you’re an introvert you’re on the internet all the time so you’re basically looking at cats all the time.

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cat pop ups cannot be blocked

They’re so awesome you can watch these guys for hours. They’re better than people and we would rather see a cat doing something funny than person doing something funny because that cat probably never did anything to hurt anyone except the worst-case scenario scratch their hooman, no big deal though.

We always stumble upon these internet celebrity cats making facial expression. Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Maru, Colonel Cat, Nala Cat and many more and we just can’t resist but love it when they make those cute weird faces.

Hoomans have learned they’re not alone. Like-minded people are just a few clicks away to connect with other hoomans online and, really, that’s been the siren call of the World Wide Web since the very beginning.