We could have taken countless screenshots of users private message, but this time, the game is something different.

Users were extremely paranoid that Instagram is gossiping on them whenever they take a screenshot.

instagram notification

Yes. Instagram is notifying users but this is partially true. Messages which are only marked as Ephemeral (Disappearing) and if you try to take a screenshot of that. Instagram will instantly notify the sender of the message that you took the screenshot. How horrifying, right? And to be noted that it will not notify for screenshots on the usual direct messages.

There was little confusion among users that Instagram will notify for your every notorious activity. Even the direct messages and photos.

As we mentioned in our earlier post this is a completely obvious copy of Snapchat. But both the apps are trying to protect the user’s private message.

So before you dire from such miserable internet-induced confusion, let us assure you, Instagram is not sending notifications every time you take a screenshot. Notifications will be only sent when you take a screenshot of ephemeral message.

See how people reacted to this change.

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