Snapchat rival Instagram just made its official launch for live video and ephemeral message feature which will allow users to privately share short-lived messages outside of Stories.

These new features are beginning to roll out now. Instagram Direct is now lot more similar to Snapchat messaging in which you can send disappearing photo and video messages to a friend or groups.

The photos and videos you send to friends will vanish after your friend see them, though there are no time limits for how long they can be viewed. Instagram will even notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your message. Does this feature ring a bell?  Yes. It’s the exact same feature that Snapchat already have.

To differentiate between disappearing direct messages and normal chats, Instagram will be putting an outline around the icons similar to how Stories are displayed at the top of your main feed.


Instagram Short-lived message

The live video will also be short-lived as soon as the user stops broadcasting the video they will disappear. The live video will appear on the main screen and in the explore section. Whenever the live video is broadcasted by user their followers will be notified in their Instagram app.

instagram live video

Before this, the Stories feature had also similar feature, it is now clear that Instagram is simply cloning Snapchat and maybe after this they will launch Instagram Spectacles?

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About one third of Instagram users are active daily and after adding live videos and disappearing messages will surely lift up the active user number.