Not every celebrity is born with a silver spoon, some have seen the worst days as well. One such star is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has been through hell and came back like a warrior. His life story continues to inspire many who are on the verge of losing hopes!

dwayne johnson

After being named as People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, he certainly became one of those Hollywood actors who is making mad cash from this industry. Hollywood’s highest paid actor launched a new series on YouTube, known as “Seven Bucks Moment” this Tuesday. In the premiere entry, you will find ‘The Rock’ discussing the hardest times of his life, even the times when he was listed out from the Canadian Football League.

“I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford a cab to the airport”.

He was around 23, almost bankrupt that time and decided to go back home to Miami after making a call to his father for a ride back to their apartment. Johnson realized that he had only $7 in his pocket while getting home in his father’s truck and this must explain all the queries behind the name of the series.

And for almost two weeks, he sat idle in his parent’s apartment and passing the time watching the O.J. Simpson trial and yeah, cleaning “every scuff mark” he saw. He sooner realized that there is something else to do and sitting in parent’s apartment won’t fetch him anything and he started training again in an attempt to turn his life around.

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He made a clear decision of ending his desire of becoming a professional football career and stepped his foot into professional wrestling and now the entire world knows what happened next. It’s all about staying dedicated and working twice harder in the days of struggle.

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