Platforms like WhatsApp and other social media sites is constantly being used to spread offensive material such as rape video.

To prevent such behavior, Indian Supreme court has spoken over illegal activities and cyber abuse that happen on sites like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

The Supreme Court has sent a notice to these companies asking why they are letting users spread rape videos and posting other users private data without their consent. The companies have given time till 9th of January 2017 to respond.

social media ban

The issue was brought to the court by a Hyderabad-based NGO, Prajwala which requested the service providers to remove an offensive video immediately after the content was brought to their attention.

NGO’s counsel, Aparna Bhat said: “Once reported, the said offensive image or post or video shall be indexed in a shared database and the same shall be taken down and the account shall be reported to the authorities concerned within a span of 36 hours.”

Even though the companies block such offensive content on their side, the issue, in this case, was raised due to lack of communication between the overseas companies and local government.

This is not the first time the Indian court has had an issue with leading tech companies. This year in July, the Indian Supreme court stated that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo had hosted advertisements for tools and clinics that helped people determine the sex of a fetus, which is illegal in India.

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The apex court also told the local service providers to cooperate with government agencies to prevent such threat of cyber abuse and is waiting for the tech giants to respond soon.