Social Media giant Facebook launched its FbStart program two years back to aid the start-ups dealing in Tech arena. The program benefits mobile developers worldwide privilege to free tools and services that will help them to prosper the company’s growth. Asia Pacific start was allocated a whopping $50 million to benefit the company, out of which $20 million was given to Mobile apps in India.

India dominates the Facebook International Developer Community globally. Over 75% of the top-grossing apps in the country are unified with Facebook.

FbStart program serves with providing a year-round assistance with the Facebook product experts, which exclusively is a company of global startups. The program also provides up to $80,000 (more than 50,000 INR) worth in free tools and premier partner services.


All working mobile apps which are launched in the Apple or Google Play app stores by the developer are eligible to apply for the FbStart program.

As per the ongoing nomination process, Facebook has finalized a few Indian startups as of now to invest. The following 6 Indian Startups are already selected eligible for FbStart by Facebook.

1. CoultLoot

CoultLoot is an end-to-end fashion application that emphasizes on the e-commerce or the sale of pre-owned fashion products. It became one of the recent Indian startups which got selected for the FbStart’s benefits program. CoutLoot will receive an exclusive access to over 25 free tools and services along with the mentorship from Facebook’s engineering teams. The founders mentioned that the program will provide an immense boost to CoutLoot.

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2. Partiko

Partiko is a Delhi-based event discovery application which allows their users to locate social events like parties, gigs and music performances. The app was founded in 2014 by Amanjot Malhotra and Gaurav Saini. While Amanjot is an IIT Roorkee aluminus, Gaurav is a techie who formerly was employed with Paytm. Partiko allows their users to customize their feeds and to save favorites as the app is integrated with Whatsapp (recently integrated with Facebook).

3. Flicksup

Flicksup, a Bangalore based startup can perfectly be termed as the modern day entertainment aid as it aims at creating a community of fan followers of movies, music, reality shows, and television series. The app allows it’s users to connect, establish discussions, frame reviews along with following their favorite shows on the social network. It was founded by three IIT graduates – Siddharth Maheshwari and Tarun Valecha (IIT Roorkee) and Pawan Nagwani (IIT Bombay) and is selected for FbStart’s mentorship and support program.

4. Healofy

This Bangalore-based health app allows end-to-end communicative interactions amidst mothers and mothers-to-be. The Indian culture has shown that pregnant women are extensively cared for by women of the household. It is the need of the hour that women, especially from the rural regions, find a platform for communication and sharing an interactive experience. Health apps, in particular, are making a bold presence in India and FbStart chose Healofy amongst them for its benefits program.

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5. Videovibe

Videovibe focuses on merging together a community of video enthusiasts, fellow YouTubers and also digital marketers who use YouTube as a platform for content marketing and advertisements. Videovibe was founded by Elisha Priyadarshini and R Ranjan Sahoo in 2016. It enables its users to compile data such as a number of views and likes, demographics of the viewers and track the progress of a YouTube video after posting it.

6. is an educative application which allows its users to enroll in multiple courses and making the learning process much more friendly, ultimately taking e-learning to the next level. The app comes with unlockable new learning features based on the courses the user takes and also has games with educational content to play. The application proposes many specialized learning bytes such as grammar, pronunciation, and phonology along with language and math based courses.