iOS software quality has been questioned once again in this week.

Reddit users discovered a bug in which an iPhone freezes and ends up crashing by simply watching a small 5 second video.
iPhones running on latest iOS 10.1 build and beta version of iOS 10.2 are prone to this glitch.

This is happening because the video seems to be corrupted and it creates a loop that ultimately crashes your iPhone after 10 seconds. The video link being shared via messaging apps, this bug is only effective if you open the link and watch in your browser. Video sent as attachment is not working. To recover your iPhone you will need to hard reset it by holding the power button and home button at the same time. After successfully resetting it your iPhone will work normally but it will crash again if you try to open the link again.

As there is no word from Apple when they are going to patch this bug but hopefully they will fix it soon. So if you happen receive an unknown video link please do not open it on your iPhone.

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