We’ve all come across cases like people selling their kidneys off as soon as latest iPhone hit the Apple stores but this very girl changed the entire course of history by pulling off the most unbelievable stunt.

Emily, 22 years old – student of North South University was a Netflix fanatic and so was her boyfriend. Not to mention both of them were big-time GOT fans as well.

As soon as the season finale of GOT ended, both of them started binge watching so many other series and at some point they got really frustrated at the monthly subscription service Netflix has got.

Both decided to mail Netflix about this issue and Netflix quickly responded with a £1000 premium lifetime subscription. They were really surprised at this nonsense pricing, going through series of mental breakdowns.

Finally Emily’s boyfriend asked her to sell off her kidney as he thought this was the only way out.

Crazy, blind in love little Emily went to the organ bank and sold off one of her kidneys for £2500. Emily is not at all like the rest of the hoes, she’s dedicated and focused to her promises.

Emily decided to hit her boyfriend’s place with a surprise ‘Netflix & Chill’ but to her utter surprise – when she entered his room, her boyfriend was already Netflix & chilling with his side-chick. Emily was left devastated. Emily now regrets her action and commitment she had for her so called boyfriend, yet states “Everything is fair in love and war.” with tears on her eyes.

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Note: This is just a sarcastic post to make you laugh. This incident is clearly not real. Just found this piece of information on the Internet and find it freaking hilarious, that’s why sharing with you guys. Share this with your friends to make them go ROFL!

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