A Florida restaurant waiter is being charged with battery after punching a man multiple times in the face after leaving the words “nah fam chill” written in the tip option. It all happened in a Floridaland Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. 33 year old Donald Chump was knocked unconscious by 29 year old waiter Barack-o-sama.

Donald Chump was having dinner with one of his trophy wives and were being served by the waiter named Barack-o-sama.

Witnesses say the couple were dining for almost an hour before the waiter brought them their checks. Donald then went on to write “nah fam chill” for the tip option rather than awarding Barack-o-sama with an actual tip.

This apparently infuriated Barack-o-sama as he then went on to “beat up” Donald Chump.

Reporters interviewed Barack-o-sama, questioning why he chose to beat up Donald Chump:

“Man f*ck that, how this man gonna write “nah fam chill” instead of giving me a tip. I’m out here working my a*s off for money, cause I’m trying to promote my new mixtape; so I got mad and beat that n*gga’s a*s and that’s all I gotta say. Oh yeah, if y’all wanna check out my mixtape, ya’ll can checkout my soundcloud real quick.”

Barack-o-sama was then taken away by police officers, who happened to be dining in the same restaurant a few tables away, however, the officers could not stop the beating on time as it happened “really fast”, according to one of the officers.

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Authorities were able to retrieve the receipt on which Donald Chump wrote “nah fam chill”, check it out below:

Authorities also helped Donald who then awoke a few minutes later. Please, we urge people to not write “nah fam chill” for the tip option.

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