Smelly socks, breaking wind, drinking and lewd jokes are some of the tedious things ladies find in men. It surely is not a piece of cake to impress a woman. But with the right approach and some special attributes, it is not tough either. Women being so hard to impress and satisfy, makes it an achievement for a guy when he finally gets her putting all the social taboos aside. Your job is to convince the girl of your dreams that you are the perfect soulmate for her. And this all begins with the first date! To impress her all the way possible, you must know about the basics of attracting the lady and ensuring she has a good time feeling comfortable with you.

First date tips

1. On time every time.

Being late for your first date is the worst thing you could do to start things up. It is very important to be there on promised time and is advised to reach first to make her feel royal by waiting for her to arrive. You can buy her a simple but romantic gift. The gift does not have to an expensive one, a simple red rose will cheer her up. Then greet her warmly by holding hers hands and giving the flower. The first impression should be the best one. You can compliment her by appreciating her beauty or something concerning her in an elegant manner. It would really be making a fool of yourself by starting things off by talking about the weather the day or telling her that she was late.

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2. Create the best possible mood between you.

Our very first experience of something is preserved in our memories for the rest of our lives. This fact is applicable to relationships as well. The mood that is sustained throughout the relationship is the one created on the first meet. Women dig good listeners. You should definitely be very attentive to what she says and respond minding a polite tone. Beautify it up with good words and a pleasant smile. Hasting into a lip kiss or a hug could hint at a jerk gesture.

Invest time in searching for and deciding a romantic, calm and quite place to meet. Carrying on a conversation at a busy restaurant or park is difficult because of disturbing surrounding noises. Plan it in a place where it’ll be just you and the lady, nobody in-between, like a candle light dinner or such romantic activities. Draw her attention by pleasing manners and promising behavior and do not allow it to divert into other things than you.

3. Be polite, compassionate and complimenting.

The one quality that every girl appreciates is Politeness. Getting into fights with the hotel waiters and managers just to impress the lady exhibit that you are not polite by nature. Treat her with compassion. The quality of compassion indicates the very humble and superior upbringing, also is an important quality that women look for in men. The more compassionate you are towards her, the more pleased she will be to be with you. Take care that while you compliment her, it should look genuine. Complimenting for trivial reasons with obviously stand out as intentional.

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4. Be a good talker as well as a listener.

Relish each moment you’re spending with her. While on your first date, make sure there are no silent clauses between conversations. Talk enough about things including common interests and each other. Encourage her to talk to you and be a good listener. Let her express her feelings about you. But take care not to ask her on the very first date about her feelings on you.

If it goes all well, you’ll miss each other the moment you say goodbye! This is the kind of aura you must ensure to build around while on that first date with her. Be flexible to adjust your tendency to adhere to what you think is best way to win her heart.

5. Be self confident and mature enough.

Confidence is the key to express yourself total in out to her. But this does not mean you start faking it and try to impress her by acting what you are not really. It’s okay to be nervous, but it isn’t acceptable to lie. Try to be maximum possible natural and spontaneous to her removing all the fears and worries within you.

In love relationships, maturity is the knot that ties things up. Whatever situation you may come across, you must act in mature ways and never give her the chance to feel that you are immature and incapable of handling things well. Brush up your charisma and dont be afraid to express your tender side.

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