Facebook’s “Free Basics” program has faced many problems in developing countries like India. It was banned in India due to conflict over net neutrality.

But Facebook isn’t going to give up easily. This time the company is trying a different approach.

Facebook is working with carriers, ISPs, and local entrepreneurs to help expand connectivity to underserved locations around the world. Facebook is likely to start with India to make up for the ban over Free Basics issues.

facebook webpageAccording to Facebook’s Internet.org website, the company says “Express Wi-Fi” is currently live in India, and are expanding to other regions soon. The company aims to empower local entrepreneurs to help them provide internet access to their local areas with a stable income.

Facebook’s strategy so far is that if you can purchase fast, affordable and reliable internet, then you’ll able to explore the range of information. However, it is still unclear whether the company will provide access to only Free Basics’ affiliated website or to the entire internet.

A spokesperson told to Mashable India that this service will come with a fee. And thus maintaining a balanced economy for everyone involved in this program.

Earlier Facebook was also testing a new nearby Wi-Fi feature in the United States to provide free public Wi-Fi. This program took help of Facebook pages and asked them to point to the free Wi-Fi hotspots in their neighboring area.

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