Few weeks ago Facebook started to ask people and pages to list the Wi-Fi hotspots near their location, it seems that Facebook’s new “Find Wi-Fi” feature is built on this information.

By being said that this data was submitted by users, the location can be inaccurate at the moment. This new feature seems to be an obvious fit for Facebook’s live streaming because without the good internet connection, users have very inferior results when trying to broadcast live. Facebook made this feature in an effort to let you to share real-time information, without compromising the stream quality.

Those who polled for the locations, seems to have this feature right now, but some of the unfortunate ones didn’t have it yet. This feature is slowly rolling out for everyone. It is to be noted that Android users have this feature already after the app update but iOS users are left behind this time.

Go to your Facebook’s hamburger menu option, if you can see the “Find Wi-Fi” option you’re good to go.fb-wifi-finder


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