Breaking news on everyone’s favorite web-slinging wall-crawler Spider-Man. Yesterday Marvel’s official twitter account tweeted that fans can expect to see the official trailer for Homecoming tomorrow and here we are. The trailer is released now. What we got from the new trailer is a glimpse of the new suit Tom Holland would be rocking and some badass web wings that will have him ready for BASE jumping.

spiderman homecoming

In the trailer, we saw Michael Keaton’s as The Vulture, the villain with an upgraded suit but behind the mask, he is sadly not Harry Osborn from the Amazing Spider-Man 2. We don’t why Marvel ditched a character in the middle of the story. He was supposed to come back in the Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Since this time Marvel is handling the storyline of new Spider-Man, the same old story where Peter Parker is still in High School learning about his new abilities is going to change, with the introduction of some friends of Peter’s, as well as the fact that Peter is just dying to get into full-time hero action with The Avengers. Tony Stark is trying to make sure that Peter doesn’t swing into any action he can’t handle.

While we don’t get to see much of Vulture in action, we do see a small scene where he threatens Spider-Man to back off, or he will kill everyone he loves. So it’s pretty sure that something huge is going to happen. And at the end of the trailer we do get to see Spider-Man and Iron Man flying around together.

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The wait will be a little longer as the Spider-Man: Homecoming will be releasing on July 7, 2017, in cinemas.