One of the most common complaint of employees is that the people who employed them don’t acknowledge their contributions enough. And when somebody you have been working for makes you feel like this, it seems like all your efforts is for nothing. And this holds more true when a boss takes an employee’s idea and pitches that idea as his or her own. And the fact is that by doing so you may end up with higher turnovers but lower morale also of course!

employee against boss

How frustrating it could get when your outstanding suggestions are being repeated by your boss at the next higher level meeting as if it was their original creation? And to add more to your frustration what if board members, clients or co-workers compliment your boss for that piece of suggestion? You will be all like biting your tongue and then this fear always exists that if you speak up, your job will be at risk. I mean who wants to mess with his or her boss? However there are some tips given below that you can follow if your boss has taken or more appropriately, stolen credit for your ideas or hard work.

1. Evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

employee against boss

This behaviour might be quite upsetting but have a control on your emotions before you make a stupid move that might cost you your job. Your boss himself is concerned about his or her place in the company and is trying to grab some ideas in a desperate effort to justify his or her position as your boss. Have a different perception at this situation. Your boss’s theft may in fact imply the recognition you’re seeking. And it indirectly means that your ideas are worth stealing, it sounds much like a compliment when you look it that way.

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2. Talk your ideas in front of other team members who can be your witnesses.

If this instances of “stealing ideas” is becoming much of a weekly issue and you are certain that you can’t make advances in your career with all these “idea theft” going on, then try a better and different approach of pitching your ideas. Try not to talk your ideas when you are left alone with your boss and pitch the plan in detail when other team members are present so that they can vouch for you if it comes down to your word versus your boss’s words. They may even be able to serve you as references if you feel the need of a new job.

3. Document your ideas to protect them.

documenting ideas

Start putting your work on paper as a proof to demonstrate that the ideas were originated from your head. Make use of emails in your work and save copies of those emails. Mark those dates of your calendar when you passed ideas or completed work on certain projects. All these documented work will surely support your claims that you were the mastermind behind those successful endeavours.

4. Discuss things with your boss itself.

Before you pay visits to other companies for a new job, try talking this situation with your boss. Keep a control on your emotions and use professional and productive tongue and mention about the work and efforts you put into the idea or project and how much you would appreciate to be recognized for that part of work.

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