The couple already owns a widespread Los Angeles mansion most people dream of, bought in June 2007. But it seems that they are not satisfied with its size and after spending almost a decade there, they are now selling it to make way for a bigger, better property.

David and Victoria Beckham

According to the recent reports, they have officially listed their £24 million home for sale after having a concrete mindset that the older 13,000 square feet mansion isn’t just enough for the family-of-six. They have four children to take care of – Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, and Harper five. Some might laugh after reading this but they are celebrities and the cash-flow allows them to do so!

The Beckhams bought the old nine-bathroom home in Bel Air for £14 million nine years back. In addition to the feel of living in a prime location, the mansion – which they procured also boasts 1.25 acres of land, palm trees, and a swimming pool. They got possession over the mansion when David first signed his LA Galaxy deal for a rumored £120 million.

David and Victoria both had double thoughts over the house for quite some time and the concerns were mainly about its size. The garden they had was too small to play football and the boys had to pay a visit to their friend’s houses – usually, either Gordon Ramsey or Elton John to fulfill their desire for the sport. Maybe the reason why they decided to shift to a bigger house. And the private driveway was also comparatively small. The house is up for sale on the market and the pair is actively looking for a bigger place.

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Stan Kroenke, the largest shareholder of Arsenal FC is looking forward to buying their mansion, rumors suggests. However, the selling price is twice as what David and Victoria have originally paid. Of course, they are also considering the opportunities to make profits.