History suggests that China is well-known to translate its fascination about building replicas having historical backgrounds through creative architectures, but everything introduced yet was a little surprise. This time they pushed their standards to the next level.

The latest tourism project of the communist superpower’s can be considered as the ambitious project ever – a scale replica of the giant RMS Titanic. It has been reported that the construction process of this 880-foot replica luxury liner began on November 30.


After they are done building, the ship will merely be a fixed spot serving the purpose of tourist attraction.

They have no plans to make it available for the open water. Let’s talk about the inner facilities it will have – It will feature a theater if you want to catch a movie, ballroom, swimming pool to dilute the stress and premium first class guestrooms. All these services are in addition to the original amenities and facilities on the ship, according to the company who has been given the charge of building the ship i.e. China-based ‘Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group’.

This project took a lot of investment and all of this is taken care by ‘Sichuan Seven Star Energy Investment Group’ who funded this task. They invested $145 million US dollars for this project in 2014. The replica will be a part of the much broader ‘Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort’ which is located in Sichuan Province. However, the day of completion of this project is not revealed yet but let’s hope pretty soon!

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If you recall, The Titanic on its maiden voyage struck an iceberg and sank in 1912 which killed almost 1500 passengers along with the ship crew so this must answer why they are just keeping it as a tourist attraction only. Nobody wants to risk that kind of money and efforts. This is not the only attempt to replicate the promising ocean liner, others have tried their luck too but China is making an attempt recently and with their work force we can only hope for the quality product being built.

Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire in 2012 publicly announced that his company, ‘Blue Star Line’ would take the responsibilities of the construction of the Titanic II but that project does not seem to make a progress. Hoping for China to make wonders happen!