Black Friday can be a tedious day for retailers, but for Nike, it was a Nightmare.

Thousands of people went crazy destroying Nike store located in Seattle, Washington. A week ago Nike factory store posted a photo of their well-organized store waiting for the Black Friday sales.

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Let's just say – Outlet video tomorrow!

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But on the day of Black Friday people went complete lunatic, tear opening all the Nike boxes and crushing it on the floor walking over it like a complete maniac. People weren’t putting anything back in the right place at all. They were just walking over the orange Nike boxes and kicking everything that comes in their way.

The Black Friday aftermath was so unconvincing that it almost looked like an earthquake. Local people near the store took these incredible pictures.

The shoe aisles in the store have transformed into oceans of orange boxes. Shoppers were swimming their way out from one stack to another stack.

The store owner says that over 20,000 customers stopped by to shop on Thanksgiving night. Employees were totally helpless and couldn’t control this menace calling it was “Jurassic Park crazy.”

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