Has your iPhone 6s been shutting down unexpectedly? Well you’re not the only one with the iPhone battery glitch.

Many iPhone 6S users reporting that their devices are suddenly shutting down for no apparent reason. Apple says it will fix the battery for free to those iPhone 6s handsets that have power issues.

This comes days after the Chinese Consumer Protection Agency called on Apple to address the consumer’s concern. Many of the smartphone owners especially in China were complaining their iPhones 6S shutting down unexpectedly even with the batteries still charged.

Apple responded saying they found the problem and would address it.

apple free battery replacementThe replacements are limited to iPhones 6S smartphones purchased between September and October of 2015 that fall within a specific serial number range. On its support page Apple says it will replace malfunctioning batteries at its retail Stores or an Authorised Service Provider as wireless carriers will not be participating in the replacement program. The tech company also cautions owners to fix any damage such as a cracked screen before attempting to replace the batteries.

Anyone who has seen the issue can take their phone to an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider to get it checked out.

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